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Data Migration

We are one of the world leaders in desktop and server software that automates moving and migrating data between database systems.

We will migrate your data for you as a service or rent you our Nexus Desktop Pro and Nexus Servers so you can move it yourself.


Data Virtualization

The Nexus Pro and Nexus Server provide access to any data, at any time, anywhere.  Users can join data between any combination of

on-premises systems, cloud systems, or across cloud systems.

And the Nexus automates everything.  Users point-and-click and the data join happens.

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Remote Query Access

Place a Nexus Server on any cloud or on-premises location, and allow users to run queries, data movement jobs, and even federated queries directly from the Nexus Server.  

The Nexus Desktop/Server combination allow users to get world-class security and high-speed access while working remotely.

Above the Clouds


CloudNexusSaaS and Coffing Data Warehousing will migrate your data between your on-premises systems and/or your cloud systems for you.  


We also give you the option to rent our Nexus Server and Nexus Pro Desktops and move the data yourself.

The Nexus Pro Desktop allows users to query all of their systems simultaneously.  The Nexus Pro also provides the best Super Join Builder for cross-system joins, which many refer to as Federated Queries.

However, the Nexus Pro Desktop can work in conjunction with the Nexus Servers to migrate data between any and all systems automatically with top-notch security and a high-speed network.




Over 100

Year Established

Number of Nexus Desktops Supported

Data Movement 



Gold Partners


Enterprises rely on Yellowbrick to do the impossible in data analytics: get answers to the hardest business questions for improved profitability, better customer loyalty, and faster innovation in near real-time, and at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Yellowbrick offers superior price/performance for thousands of concurrent users on petabytes of data, along with the unique ability to run analytic workloads on-premises, in a private cloud, and/or any public cloud and manage them in a simple, consistent way--all with predictable pricing via an annual subscription. Learn more at

Yellowbrick and Coffing Data Warehousing have partnered together not only to automate the migration from all systems to Yellowbrick’ s modern hybrid cloud data warehouse but to allow users to query and join data with Yellowbrick and all other databases in their enterprise.  Users work from any physical location because Nexus Servers run jobs for them.

CoffingDW New Cropped.jpg

Coffing Data Warehousing is the premier provider of desktop and server software that works across all major on-premises and cloud database systems.  The Nexus Pro Desktop allows you to query and do development for all systems within your enterprise with a single tool. 


Companies and individual users can migrate and move data between any and all systems using a combination of the Nexus Pro Desktop and Nexus Server.  The desktop and server work together to allow users to create and setup data transfer from their desktop or laptop but execute them through the high-speed Nexus Server. 


Users can also join data across all systems, which refers to Federated Queries.  The Nexus Super Join Builder allows users to point-and-click on tables and views across all systems to join data together easily.  The Super Join Builder can also perform at the desktop but use the Nexus Server to execute the joining of data across all systems.



A Significant Insurer

This client is using the Nexus Pro and Nexus Server for cloud migration, moving Teradata, Oracle, and Netezza systems to Amazon Redshift, MySQL, and Snowflake. They are also using the Nexus Server to move data from Amazon S3 and Athena back to Teradata, Oracle, and Netezza.

Largest Computer Manufacturer

This industry giant has an enterprise license of Nexus, so over 10,000 employees can query their Greenplum, Teradata, Yellowbrick, SQL Server, and Oracle systems.  They have been using Nexus for over 13 years.  Users also use Nexus to move data between systems using the Nexus Database Mover.

Largest Bank in the World

This banking giant uses Nexus so users can query every system within their enterprise.  They also use Nexus to join data (federated queries) across Teradata, Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server.  Business users utilize the Nexus Garden of Analytics, the Nexus Pivot tool, and the Nexus Spreadsheet to analyze results.



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